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Sailor Mouth

In the first segment of season two's 18th episode, SpongeBob reads a naughty word off a dumpster behind the Krusty Krab, but does not know what it means. Spongebob and Patrick start using it in every sentence.

Jurassic Kitty

The iconic Jurassic Park theme song by John Williams has been covered relentlessly over the years since its release and is still a staple of high school bands across the globe. One viral cover posted on TikTok by The Critters uses a chorus of rubber chickens. Following revolutionizing concept, Youtube channel Chickensan delivered a solo version that touches the soul.

Greatest Freakout

This popular series of YouTube videos features a kid named Jack who videotapes the explosive temper tantrums, shouting matches, and other bad behavior of his older brother Steven. The original video has over 66 million views, and is notorious for showing Steven strip down to his boxers in a rage and shove a remote into his rear.

Fuck It All!

Following the success of Disney's Frozen and the attached song 'Let It Go', Youtuber DrunkenSch0k0muffin created a parody to describe the real struggle using more familiar expressions.

You're Not Fine

You just have to say that you're fine is a quote said by Katy Perry in an interview on an episode of the Australian news-current affairs TV show The Project in 2014. The interview was uploaded to YouTube on November 10th, 2014 by user Alex Hill. By January 2021, the original interview had over 1.1 million views on YouTube while the clip of Katy Perry's quote became a viral meme to represent fails on Vine and other social media platforms

The Best Is Yet To Come!

During the 2020 US Presidential Election, the enthusiastic Kimberley Guilfoyle delivered the most meme inspiring speech. The internet immediately delivered, drawing comparisons between Guilfoyle and everyone from Disney villains to Dwight Schrute's Mussolini-inspired salesman of the year speech from The Office. And even in the early hours of Tuesday morning, #Guilfoylechallenge began to trend on Twitter.

Jurassic Kitty

With such a rich history to draw from, Jurassic Park leaves itself open to endless parodies and fan made artwork. For YouTube channel Owl Kitty, there seemed only one logical option: remake Jurassic Park’s classic T-Rex reveal scene with a fluffy black cat. As can be seen in the video below, the terror of a creature that was the Earth’s greatest carnivore tens of millions of years ago has been hilariously surpassed by a giant house cat. The video, which has now gone viral with over 7 million views, was tweeted along with the caption It’s feeding time! Welcome to Purrassic Park.

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